I Am Free

Victims of childhood abuse, particularly sexual abuse often live in quiet shame for many years before taking the risk to acknowledge the abuse to themselves. With the gift of grace the adult victim comes to love and accept the wounded child within. The healing of childhood abuse is like a tornado that spirals its way … More I Am Free

Sacred Stillness

Canyon Camp, Oklahoma is a Methodist retreat center sheltered by the deep solid red earth walls of Devil’s Canyon. Walking along the depths of this canyon one can sense the wagon trains that sought refuge along these same earthen walls. One’s eternal spirit intimately recognizes a universal sacredness here known by the both the ancient … More Sacred Stillness

Gaining Respect

Professional women must work hard to gain respect. Much like minorities, respect isn’t just given to women. Many women raise children in environments where women are disrespected which perpetuates the problem. This dynamic creates a society where women are not respected. Thus, we have women’s marches of all sorts. The spiritual life is rooted in … More Gaining Respect