Women Are The Keepers of Tradition

maryjesusAs a resident of the state of Oklahoma I have come to deeply appreciate the Native American people and their cultural identity. Much of the Native American culture is available for us the learn about today through historical museums and the arts because of the Native American women.

As Catholic Christian women in the world today, we have a responsibility to our own Catholic identity to keep our spiritual practices alive for generations to come. If the Native American women could teach their children weaving, beading, dancing, and appreciation for a Higher Power that created all things while suffering extreme persecution from dominating white settlers, we Catholic women can certainly pass down our beautiful Catholic traditions to our children. We can do this by supporting Catholic schools, practicing spiritual rituals during Advent and Lent, going to adoration to pray, and taking our children to mass. The goal in such spiritual practices is not to earn our salvation but rather to honor the all-powerful God who has created us in His image.

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