The Holy Spirit is Universal and Eternal

Througthhout history we can observe that all powerful monarchies die. Worldly power will always come to an end.  In the Catholic Church there is the Petrine character (Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, etc.), the Marian character (The Theotokos), and the Christological character (Jesus Christ). Jesus Christ is the head of this mystical body. What sustains the Catholic Church throughout the centuries is NOT its Petrine character but rather the Christological and Marian characters. If the Catholic Church were dependent on the Petrine character to sustain itself, the Church would have died centuries ago just like other ancient empires and medieval kingdoms.

The Marian character is held in high esteem in the Catholic Church because she is wedded to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit never dies because embedded into the character of the Holy Spirit is everything loving, holy, good, eternal, pure, truthful, and merciful. All things reflecting the image of Christ are given birth through the Marian character.

These gentle, holy, soft feminine qualities give life to the Catholic Church throughout the centuries. These are Marian traits. This is why we honor and esteem the Blessed Mother Mary. She embodies what is eternal. There is no value to earthly power and prestige in heaven. At death all such things pass away. Anything in the Petrine character that is related to earthly power and prestige has no place in heaven where love conquers all.

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