Love is an Investment of the Spirit of God


Investing God’s Spirit of Love

In this world there are many kinds of ways to invest. We invest money in a bank or the stock market. We invest time into our professional work and development. But neither of those investments alone is an investment of love. Love requires the Spirit of God.


Any school teacher can tell their student what they need to do to complete their studies. But a teacher who understands the student’s struggles and offers an empathetic response to the student as they offer their instruction, is also wrapping the student with the Spirit of God’s Love.

Anyone can walk through a busy shopping store, a city sidewalk, a community park, or a church congregation oblivious to the other people surrounding them. Simply minding our own business takes no investment at all. But to offer other people the gift of our accepting smile and a nod is an investment of God’s Spirit of Love.

The Spirit of God’s love says “I care about you.” Who can you invest in today?

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