The Difference Between Good & Great

A good dad teaches his son to use his talents and skills with confidence. A great dad teachcrosses his son how to cry and open his eyes to the poor. A good mother teaches her daughter how to joyfully serve others. A great mother teaches her daughter how to stay true to herself and care for herself so she doesn’t throw her pearls before swine.

A good husband is faithful to his wife and offers her a place of safety. A great husband sees the hurting little girl deep inside who acts very childish sometimes and he lovingly challenges her to grow strong. A good wife respects her husband and honors his ability to work hard and toil in the dirtiness of the earth. A great wife provides a safe soft spot for the tired little boy to rest his head and be fed.

There is much to fight about in all relationships. Jesus Christ said he came to bring division within families, Luke 12:49-53. This passage of scripture does not affirm ongoing family feuds or avoiding reconciliation. This passage is all about defining ourselves to others and resolving conflict.

Leaders are mature adult sons and daughters of God who allow the truth of who they are to be seen. Immature children of God struggle with  codependency, enabling dysfunction, and depressive or angry abuse of self or others. Immature children of God can be good, but they can never be great. We are all called to the greatness of a holy life.

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