Lies of Satan

The greatest lie of Satan alive in the world today is the lie that says, “Mothers do not matteblessedmotherr.” In the Catholic tradition, giving birth to new life is the highest honor and blessing on earth. This privilege is given only to women. Catholic priests get to come close to this honor when they consecrate the Host because they bring spiritual life. But women have the power to bring to life the human person in which this Spirit resides. This is why the Catholic faith continues to honor the image of the Divine Feminine alive in the archetype of the Blessed Mother, or Mary the Mother of Jesus.

How is this lie of Satan alive in the world today? We can look at women who feel compelled to find worthiness in the things of this world such as careers and physical beauty. Nothing is wrong with a mother having a successful career, but if a woman’s self-worth is based on her professional identity she is living a lie. Our professional identity will pass away just as our physical body ages and our physical beauty disappears.

Even Catholic women within the Church can fall into believing this lie. My self-worth as female Catholic chaplain is not based on me being ordained to the priesthood. We are called to dress ourselves with virtues secretly in each personal care-giving encounter for God to see. He sees us. God is our source of self-worth. We are worthy because Christ made us worthy.

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