What Makes a Man a Hero

jesusonthecrossEven in the secular world, Jesus  Christ is a heroic figure because like so many military veterans, he was willing to take the hit and die for others. During the Lenten season, Catholics contemplate The Way of the Cross. This means thinking about how Jesus gave up His life for us. When I reflect on this, I think about the various men I’ve known and how Christ-like they have been.

The difference between a man and a boy is most obvious when we use this Christ-like measuring rod. A man is willing to allow the women and children to get into the life boat first while he risks going down with the sinking ship. However, a boy jumps in the lifeboat first and allows the women and children to suffer and die.

I’ve seen my fair share of boys in the world who live in the physical bodies of grown men like a man who allows his wife to suffer in the hospital ICU for years in a coma, on life-support with a body full of bed sores. Meanwhile, he pushes the doctors and nurses to Code her repeatedly so she stays alive, then after death he leaves her body for the county to bury because he appears to be a man driven by his wife’s social security pay out instead of love.

Or there is the father who has not been involved in his children’s lives for several years until the child is critically injured by getting hit by a car. Then the father returns, not to see his child, but to sue the driver as to profit financially from his child’s misfortunes.

The best advice my mother ever gave me was when I was 18 years old and leaving home for college. She said, “Before dating any man, look closely at his faults first, and make sure you can live with them, then the rest is just a bonus.” Thank you mom for this great advice! Stay away from men who are disguised as boys ladies. Look for men who reflect the image of Christ, a man who will die to himself and hopefully die for you and your children if needed.

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