Strong Young Women


Recently, I have encountered several strong young women in their late teens and early twenties. I am noticing that they are different than my generation in terms of their confidence levels and their ability to define themselves to others without apology. This gives me hope for the future. These young women are not throwing away their femininity like the feminists of generations past. They display both beauty and strength united in one person.

St. Teresa of Avila is quoted as saying, “God alone is enough.” What does that mean exactly? I have my personal ideas as to what it means. To me it means that women do not need to tolerate being neglected, shamed, rejected, dominated, or manipulated by men. It is better to walk away and trust that God alone is enough than to be abused or disrespected. If an adult man cannot respect an adult woman as an equal human being by listening to her like he would listen to a man who he holds in high esteem, he is not worth your time ladies.

The younger generation of women seems to know this. We older ladies can learn from them. Walk away, God alone is enough. Don’t tolerate the abuse your mother’s have due to their low self-esteem and self-doubt. A loving relationship is all about teamwork. The Christian relationship model does not exalt men but rather shows men living in loving service to women as women reflect this love back to everyone. Adam provided for Eve, Joseph protected Mary, Jesus empowered and healed the Samaritan Woman, The Beloved Apostle John took Mary into his home.  However, the shaming dominating Pharisees who were the Old Wine Skins lost their temple in 70AD just as Jesus prophesied.  

I teach my teenage son to honor girls and encourage them to be successful in whatever interests them be it sports, music, or art. I am raising my boys to be team players alongside women. I am raising boys who know how to do their own laundry because this is the kind of man that I am married to. Praise be to God! It is becoming very clear to me that any leftover Old Wine Skins are going to bust from a lack of integrity in my children’s generation.       



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