Why the Rosary?

rosaryThe Rosary is an essential part of the Catholic Tradition. Protestant Christians will tell you that reciting the Rosary is not scriptural, therefore it is not of God. Well, I say that everyone is entitled to their own spiritual practices. I do not force the Rosary on others and I do not practice many other spiritual traditions that others find valuable.

I do recite the Rosary because it gathers my concentration so I can focus on God instead of all my anxious worries and fears. And let me tell you, that a “recovering perfectionist” like me has many anxious fear issues! The tangible touch of the Rosary beads is therapeutically soothing for me. The Rosary when recited accurately is very scriptural. The Rosary should not be mindlessly flown through like one long rote prayer. The Rosary is a tool for meditation. Protestants use modern day pens as tools to write in their Bibles even though we do not read about pens, pencils, and highlighters in the Bible!

Each bead of the Rosary is linked to a scripture passage that we should be thinking about as we hold that bead. The actual words recited during Rosary prayers are not as important as the meditation on scripture and how that particular scripture passages applies to your life today. The Rosary consists of the joyful, luminous, sorrowful, and glorious mysteries which relate to Jesus’s joyful birth, his light-filled transfiguration, his sorrowful crucifixion, and his glorious resurrection.

Throughout our lives we spin around the mysteries of the Rosary with joyful new opportunities, greater enlightenment and knowledge, sorrowful goodbyes, and glorious successes. It is good to think about which mystery of the Rosary matches up best with your current life situation and walk with Jesus as He too experiences the mysteries of being a created human person with a loving Creator Father God. We Catholics pray the Rosary with Jesus. This isn’t supposed to be a painful obligation or a way to earn heaven. It’s supposed to be a way to be united with our benevolent God and Father who we will be spending eternal life with!

Catholics are the oldest Christian denomination. Without the Catholic Church and all its monks the Bible would not exist. For centuries, the majority of Christian people could not read. Therefore, the most important parts of the gospel were memorized and displayed through pictures, stained glass windows, and the recitation of the Rosary. May God’s peace be with you!

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