The Supernatural Life of Grace

The flow of grace is an amazing thing that brings supernatural life into the world. Grace is not creagraceted by human beings. Grace can only be created by God and used by human beings. Therefore, the flow of grace between God and the human person is a flow of divine love where the initial gift is given by God. God initiates the flow of love while the spirit alive in each person has a choice to respond to this love.

One responds to God’s gift of grace by surrendering one’s life over to be used by God according to His will. In such an act of surrender, there is always freewill. God does not coerce or manipulate us into accepting His gift of supernatural life on earth. The human person can always walk away from this relationship of love between the Creator and the created. But in walking away, one loses the supernatural life given by God. Thus, the intended purpose for our lives goes unfulfilled and peace on earth is delayed.

How do we know what is God’s will for our lives? First, we need to reframe the way we often think about this question. Determining God’s will for our lives is about making decisions that are good, right, and true moment by moment. Many people think of choosing a professional career, deciding whether to get married, or whether to have children as being under the topic of “God’s will for their lives.” Those big life decisions happen naturally when we are choosing God’s will in the little things in life; like waking up on time, completing our work on time, caring for our bodies in a healthy way, going to sleep on time, and taking time to sit in the presence of God. If we are doing God’s will in the little things in life, we can be confident that we will choose to do God’s will when we face the big decisions in life.      

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