The Mystery of the Holy Trinity

The mysthreechildrentery of the Holy Trinity can be imagined without being fully understood, or known. For example, we know what three things look like together. Imagine three glasses of milk, three cookies, and three children. Imagine children that are joyful and eager to drink milk and eat cookies instead of three fighting, jealous, tired children. This thought of peaceful, happy children can provoke a sense of warmth, love, peace, and joy. Children drinking milk and eating cookies is something known to us. The Holy Trinity is a mystery; but what we do know about the Holy Trinity incorporates warmth, love, peace, joy, and unity. By envisioning three peaceful, happy children eating cookies and drinking milk we can develop some comprehension of the three persons of the Holy Trinity living in love and unity together.

Granted, the Holy Trinity is much more than three happy children drinking milk and eating cookies peacefully. The Holy Trinity is also all powerful, omnipotent, filled with wisdom, and timeless. The image of the three children envisioned above does not focus on these aspects of the Holy Trinity. These vast abstract qualities are much more mysterious and difficult to comprehend because we lack experience being around anything that is omnipotent or timeless. Yet, it is psychologically good and healthy for us to believe that something more powerful than ourselves exists.

We can image something or someone having power over us. Everyone has experienced feeling powerless or over-powered at times. If this was a good experience, then this is helpful in gaining greater understanding of the Holy Trinity. If this was not a good experience, a person’s relationship with God can suffer immensely.

The mystery of the Holy Trinity cannot be fully understood; however, it can be comprehended in small ways through those things that are known and experienced by humans. Such glimpses of the Holy Trinity are divine gifts, or revelations, given to us by God so we can come to love Him more.

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