Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our_Lady_of_GuadalupeOur Lady of Guadalupe made her presence known to a world where the lives of children were sacrificed in spiritual rituals to appease the gods. Our Lady of Guadalupe came into the world where married women were being raped by “missionary” soldiers of the Spanish crown. Our Lady of Guadalupe came to Juan Diego, a poor man crushed by powers greater than himself, and called him “Dignified Juan Diego.”

There is no need to dominate or overpower any other person on earth. The images of Our Lady of Guadalupe portray a welcoming warmth that does not condemn, shame, belittle, or demean. It is in the presence of her love that the world softens and finds true mercy. Mercy brings healing whereas fear tends to dominate. There is no fear in the Blessed Mother. She has nothing to fear because she is confident in the power of God the Father to bring about His Will on earth.

The power of our great Creator God cannot be overcome by any human person because God the Father is the source of all life. Human people have no control over this force that brings new life. Human people only have the power to bring about death. But even in death, our powerful loving Father has the ability to bring life through the gift of eternal life. There is no death or destruction between God the Father and our Blessed Mother. There is only life. Life renewed. Life recreated. Life surrendered to a benevolent higher power that can only be seen with spiritual eyes.

According to Virgil Elizondo in Guadalupe Mother of the New Creation, “The Mother of God wants a home where all will be welcomed, where all who come will receive her recognition, love, and affection. Here everyone will be heard; all will be free to speak in their own way” (Elizondo 72). What a beautiful reality. So many devout Catholics are censored, silenced, oppressed, disempowered, and demeaned by those in positions of authority both inside the Catholic Church and outside the Church. The beauty of natural truth cannot be suppressed forever because this force of life keeps sprouting anew as if every day was springtime for those who choose to live their lives surrendered to the will of God. Our Lady of Guadalupe shows this truth through the tradition of roses springing forth in the frosty winter.

Elizondo, Virgil. “Guadalupe. Mother of the New Creation” New York: Orbis Books, 1997

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