It is Ok to Desire Greatness


It is a healthy, wholesome desire to be great in the eyes of God. Being great in God’s eyes means using one’s talents to benefit the common good. Becoming great does not mean becoming perfect. Greatness is really a compilation of many very small successes. The little things in life matter – a smile, a kind word, the ability to know when to say “You’re welcome” or “Thank You.”

Can I really say “You are welcome” and graciously accept the gift of another’s affirmation? Or, do I quietly look away and dismiss the gift of praise because I am burdened with self-doubt or false humility? One of the greatest lies that professional women believe is that it is somehow “unholy” to be recognized for one’s successes. If other people are not affirming, its important to walk closely alongside God and accept affirming words through prayer.

Allowing one’s own talented light to shine is giving birth to the presence of divinity within. This is a difficult battle that cannot be won if one is constantly fearing failure. Greatness includes a past filled with many failures that are better referred to as “lessons learned.” What did I learn today? What risks have I taken today? How did I use my life to benefit others today? How was I great today?


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