A Successful Woman’s Prayer


Mikaela Shiffrin

The biggest lie that many professional women fall into is the illusion of competition. Life is a team sport, not an individual sport. There is really no one else out there to compete against. Sure the Olympics have gold, silver, and bronze medal “winners.” But with God, who is the Great Creator of all, everyone is a winner. Only those who surrender to being used as conduits of evil are “losers” with God. Yet, because of God’s mercy there is always restoration for every “loser.”


Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is known through Catholic Tradition to be a woman who kept her gazed perfectly focused on God by consistently cooperating with God’s grace. Every Christian woman (and man) is called to emulate this example set by Mary. Mary did not hide her light under a bushel basket in fear of evil. Mary did not enviously try to dampen the lights of others.

None of the Olympic medalists can take their medals with them to heaven. However, I believe, that in heaven all will be revealed perfectly. We will all see who had good sportsmanship and who didn’t. May every woman embrace the reality that we are all winners in the eyes of God.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,

Please clear my path to success and holiness. Remove all obstacles and anything that prevents the full realization of my potential. Banish all fear but especially the fear of Satan disguised as other’s evil envy. Uproot my reluctance to assume responsibilities in life. Abolish anything that destroys my ability to be creative and life-giving. May Your glory be manifested fully though me and my willingness to cooperate fully with Your gift of grace. Amen.  



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