Sacred Stillness

Canyon Camp, Oklahoma is a Methodist retreat center sheltered by the deep solid red earth walls of Devil’s Canyon. Walking along the depths of this canyon one can sense the wagon trains that sought refuge along these same earthen walls. One’s eternal spirit intimately recognizes a universal sacredness here known by the both the ancient indian tribes and the white pioneers. Here is where I joyfully gather tonight amongst women whose distant ancestors may have bitterly fought each other to death. Such recollection gives me hope. There is hope for a New Jeruselem. There is hope for peace on earth. There is a higher power working to unite all tribes on earth.

Peace does not begin between two warring countries or religions. Peace really begins within one’s own soul. Flowing from the sweet inner spring of one peaceful soul is the potential for a peaceful friendship. From a peaceful friendship comes peaceful families. From peaceful families come peaceful communities.

Put down one’s weapons and walk into places where peace prevails. The presence of God envelops the still receptive soul in the midst of sacred silence.

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