The Importance of an Accountability Partner


In order to grow in agape love for others, one must have an accountability partner. Accountability partners are valuable and essential gifts that one must seek to incorporate into life.

Spiritual growth can be measured by one’s ability to genuinely love other people. It is easy to love those who are kind and caring. It is easy to love those who have the same social status. It is difficult to leave one’s family of origin and learn to love strangers. It is difficult to open one’s heart to embrace all people in the world as one’s equal by learning to love one’s neighbor as oneself.

Agape love is blind to political power, fame, and fortune. Agape love overlooks all worldly divides that assign social stigma or social rank. As a person grows to love others with the love of Christ, their arms open wider to embrace more and more people with compassion, mercy, and understanding. This is a hospitality of the heart.

Accountability partners can reflect back to us where our love for others is in need of further growth and expansion. Who in our lives would we like to tune out, turn away from, or ignore? This is where we embark on the spiritual journey of becoming more loving people while allowing God to direct our paths.

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