3 Kinds of People on Earth

Really, I have come to believe that there are only three different ways to understand God, who is the Creator of all things, including humanity. There are people who know God intimately. These people feel the injustices of the world aching within their bones and tormenting their minds to the degree that they cannot sit still any longer. Those who know God intimately will stare down their own fears and stand all alone for all that is good, right, true and life-giving even if their actions bring about their own persecutions. They are like flowers blooming amongst humanity.

Then there are those who think they know God. These individuals wear their faith like a comforting raincoat. They go to a church, a mosque, a temple, a monastery, or on some other kind of spiritual journey of their own making. They are seeking God. They may even be comfortable thinking that they have found God amongst other like-minded souls. But really, they do not know God. They only think they know God. They lack the courage to surrender their lives fully to be used for the glory of God. They cannot touch the leper’s hand. Where the leper is simply a symbol for the person they would never want to become.

Finally, there are those who do not know God, and honestly don’t care.

Every single one of these people are the beloved sons and daughters of God, the Creator of us all.

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