Starting A New Poetry Blog

Goodbye All! This will be the last post for this blog site! I am moving to where my goal is to share the watercolor paintings and spiritual poetry I enjoy creating.

My daughter is in college and beginning a career in Graphic Design. So, we are spending the evenings developing art portfolios together. (She’s way more talented than me.) Here’s the first post for my new site and the last post for this site. Thank you all!


It’s the Breaking of Dawn. The Golden Sun is sprinkling colorful diamonds across the celestial sphere.

Now the Great Creator is calling, beckoning, enticing us Creatures to awaken and see the gift of a new day. A Gift elegantly prepared and set before us.

There is magic – Majesty – inherent in the Breaking of Dawn.

The anticipation of opening a vibrant new gift awaits us as the Creator unwraps the bow while colors shout forth with joy across the shimmering waters.

Admiring all the colors, I wonder, What color am I?

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