About Maya

Professional chaplains offer pastoral care to people in hospitals, prisons, and those employed by private corporations in addition to the traditional field of military chaplaincy.

As an inspirational writer, Maya seeks to encourage working women to realize their potential even in the midst of life’s difficulties. As a hospital chaplain, Maya ministers to patients and their families at the time of death or during a serious illness.

Faith, hope, and love are the virtues that sustain our well-being. Believing in a power greater than oneself is the only way to sustain hope when life is hard. Despite what you may observe from outside appearances, life is hard for everyone. Without hope, life’s challenges become a depressing struggle of futility.

The Christian virtue of loving charity frees us to offer mercy to ourselves and others. Self-doubt, self-consciousness, and perfectionism are spiritual traps that drain our energy and resources. If we do not love ourselves very well, we will struggle to love our neighbor.

Women often need extra encouragement to put themselves out there in a positive way. “Spiritual Encouragement for Professional Women” seeks to address the struggles facing women today without blaming or shaming anyone.

We live in a world where suffering, sin, and sickness are everyday realities. How can we come to experience joy? How can we live authentic lives? How can we be free of things that weigh us down like anger, envy, and the desire to control? How can we make the most of the life we’re given? How can we experience peace and passion for life?

Women are naturally creative and life-renewing. This knowledge can bring us joy, confidence, and a life of gratitude.

(The opinions expressed on this blog express my own personal spirituality. I do not write or speak on behalf of any of the institutions which employ me.)

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