Unjust Sexual Justice

As the world awakens again to the injustice of racism with the brutal death of George Floyd, we react in horror at the sight of this death. The abuse of power is evident. But what was that police officer Derek Chauvin thinking as he knelt upon a dying man’s neck? What were the other police … More Unjust Sexual Justice

What is Joy?

As we approach the holiday season, we hear the word “joy” more often. However, many people, including myself, have only a faint understanding of the true meaning of “joy.” Contrary to the popular opinion of those who are idealists, joy does not require one’s life to be in perfect condition. More often than not, joy … More What is Joy?

What is Faith?

In academic theological circles there are many complicated definitions of faith. However, the simplest definition of faith is commonly used by the Roman Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church uses real people to define faith. Today is the Feast Day for All Saints in the Catholic Church. Catholic Saints are people who demonstrated their faith in … More What is Faith?

Social Justice for Hispanic Catholics

In Latino Catholicism Transformation in America’s Largest Church Timothy Matovina writes, “Collectively the four ministerial approaches advance the aspirations of grassroots evangelization, integration, outreach to immigrants, and building stronger structural links between Hispanics and the U.S. Catholic Church” (Matovina 154). These four factors can be used to assess the process of transmission of faith among … More Social Justice for Hispanic Catholics