Brokenness in The Beloved

Fr. Henri Nouwen wrote Life of the Beloved: Spiritual Living in a Secular World with the intention to inspire secular people to not forsake their spiritual lives. My work as a hospital chaplain often entails offering pastoral care to people in crises who do not associate with any religious denomination. Some of the unifying spiritual … More Brokenness in The Beloved

What does the Reptilian Brain have to do with the Holy Trinity?

According to St. Augustine, the inner man is differentiated from the outer man by his ability to reason. The ability to reason makes a human person different than animals. This abstract knowledge from the fourth century presented by St. Augustine is now backed up by science. According to the neuroscientist, Paul MacLean in his book … More What does the Reptilian Brain have to do with the Holy Trinity?

Real Love

Human beings are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). Therefore, the mind of the human person is considered to be good. “And because the mind is regarded as praiseworthy, not only as being learned, but also as being good, one gives heed not only to what he remembers and what he understands, but … More Real Love

The Origin of the Holy Trinity is Found in Wisdom Literature

In “sapiential” or “wisdom literature” using metaphors is common. In the Book of Sirach, the author is imagining God as a king and ruler who is sitting on his heavenly throne directing providence through the divine word. This image of God prepares the way for the mystery of the Holy Trinity. From this image we are led to imagine a sovereign … More The Origin of the Holy Trinity is Found in Wisdom Literature

Many Dwelling Places

The gospel of John chapter fourteen is filled with passages of Jesus comforting his disciples. The disciples want Jesus to stay with them forever. Jesus is explaining to them why he needs to leave. Jesus says, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You have faith in God; have faith also in me. In my Father’s house there … More Many Dwelling Places

The Risen Jesus

         How traumatic was the crucifixion! Yet, equally glorious is the resurrection! The timeless allure of the Easter story resonates in the soul of every person. No one has gone through life without experiencing some kind of betrayal, trauma, mocking rejection, or death. No one! Even the process of being born is a traumatic disruption from a … More The Risen Jesus

Wisdom Literature

Ancient Biblical wisdom literature is beautifully poetic and filled with creative metaphors. Two components of wisdom literature include: (1) envisioning the world and (2) imagining the nature and destiny of human beings. These components of the human imagination can be observed in the scripture verses of Psalm 14 and in Song of Solomon. In terms of envisioning the … More Wisdom Literature