Poem written by the Mother of a Catholic Abuse-Survivor

My dear daughter. You are beloved and the light of my life. However, I abhor the person you have become while being in Catholic school. You have succumbed to their lies. You have believed the teachings of some Catholic Church women. These holier-than-thou, self-righteous women who blame the victims of childhood sexual abuse for somehow … More Poem written by the Mother of a Catholic Abuse-Survivor

Gaining Respect

Professional women must work hard to gain respect. Much like minorities, respect isn’t just given to women. Many women raise children in environments where women are disrespected which perpetuates the problem. This dynamic creates a society where women are not respected. Thus, we have women’s marches of all sorts. The spiritual life is rooted in … More Gaining Respect

Christmas Gifts

            Ministers of any Christian denomination know that Christmas is a very emotionally trying time for many people.             First, every family is reminded at Christmas time of loved ones who have died and can no longer celebrate with us physically. Then there are the … More Christmas Gifts